Rounds, shells, cartridges, bullets, ammo, slugs, ammunition.

The names are many.

The result is the same: a gun firing and sending lead out the barrel.

NSTIC is a place for people who appreciate the craftsmanship, science, and yes, beauty of firearms and the ammunition they use. We know the difference between rimfire and centerfire. We know that a 9mm and a 38 special and a 357 magnum are all the same diameter.

So NSTIC features articles and rich media content that serve our growing population.

Yes, I say growing. With the economic turmoil that we have seen over the past several years, gun ownership has risen steadily. And for good reason. Some people believe that gun rights will be infringed. Some people believe that the collapse of civilization is around the corner. While I don’t think that’s going to happen, owning your guns and knowing how to use them is a critical skill both for defense and for hunting.

And if you are going to own guns, you had better know your ammo.